Watch Our Web-Series, TOSA Talks

Through this unprecedented time, Texas Organ Sharing Alliance (TOSA) is committed to continuing its mission of saving lives through the power of organ donation. In an effort to connect and communicate with our supporters and social media followers, TOSA has debuted a new series called TOSA Talks.

In this online segment, TOSA's Communications staff members interview experts across Central and South Texas speaking about topics relevant to the donation and transplant community. From "How is organ donation being facilitated during the coronavirus pandemic?" to "Tips on staying healthy during the pandemic," we ask the questions the community is seeking answers to with brief interviews.

In its first few weeks, TOSA Talks reached thousands of viewers. Our supporters are encouraged to tune in every Thursday on our social media platforms.

TOSA President & CEO Joseph Nespral sits down with Communications Coordinator Amanda Garcia to talk about the novel coronavirus and organ donation.

TOSA Senior Communications Coordinator Clarissa Thompson sits down with Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Philip Ponce from the University Health System to talk about how COVID-19 is affecting our communities.

TOSA's Corporate Educator & Safety Officer Jessica Cortez shows you how to properly wear a mask amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

TOSA Communications Coordinator Amanda Garcia meets with TOSA Family Services Coordinator Bianca Esquivel to talk about how our team is continuing our mission of saving lives through the power of organ donation as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

TOSA Senior Communications Coordinator Edwina P. Garza speaks with Noe Gonzalez, who received a liver transplant in August 2019, about how transplant recipients are coping with COVID-19.

TOSA Communications Coordinator Amanda Garcia speaks with Jennifer Milton, chief administrative officer for University Transplant Center, about the opening of the Center for Life during the COVID-19 pandemic.