Ultra-endurance bicyclist and kidney donor Mark Scotch, rides from Lubbock to Louisiana

SAN ANTONIO, TX (March 22, 2023) - Husband and wife on a mission to spread awareness about living kidney donation. Mark Scotch, and his wife Lynn, made a stop in San Antonio as part of their 1,500-mile kidney donation awareness bicycle ride "The Organ Trail."

A pep rally took place at Texas Organ Sharing Alliance (TOSA) on Thursday, March 23.

Mark and Lynn are on a mission to spread awareness about living kidney donation and kidney health.
Both have donated kidneys using the National Kidney Registry Voucher Donation Program, which allows a living kidney donor to choose a time frame for their kidney donation and to provide vouchers to people who can be prioritized to receive a living donor kidney.
Mark's voucher went to a man in Louisiana in 2021, and Lynn's voucher went to a 2-year-old boy in Minnesota.
Over the past three years, the couple has logged nearly 5,000 miles on "The Organ Trail" rides.

“The Organ Trail is all about generating awareness of the need for kidney donors, especially living kidney donors, but it's also about showing people that even with one kidney, you can still lead a life full of activities, even if those activities are sustained and vigorous,” said Scotch.
Their current ride started on March 9 in Lubbock, Texas and ends on April 10 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Mark Scotch earned the 2021 USA TODAY Humankind Triumph of The Year Award, because of his many activities on behalf of more than 100,000 Americans awaiting a life-saving kidney transplant.
To learn more about The Organ Trail you can visit their website.